Artist Profile

C. Dianne Zweig- Contemporary Mixed Media Artist

Medium: Contemporary Mixed Media

Description:  Contemporary Mixed Media artwork influenced by designs of 1950s textiles

C. Dianne Zweig is a Contemporary Mixed Media abstract artist whose artwork is influenced by the organic shapes and abstract designs of 1950s textiles. She is a member of Connecticut Women Artists and a founding member of Mixus, a group of women artists who work in Mixed media. Dianne is also enjoys teaching art classes and workshops to all ages. Also a retired psychotherapist, Dianne is interested in the psychology of the creative process and creative aging. Artist Statement: Like many of the artists who flourished during the colorful eras and were known as Abstract Expressionists, I too favor working in an unscripted, moment by moment impromptu style. I am enamored with the organic shapes and abstract designs of 1950s textiles and often find that sooner or later I am likely to add Mid-century marks and images to artwork. When you work spontaneously you forgo preliminary sketches and lay-outs in favor of more direct, immediate, intimate forms of creating. Like the jazz musician who revels extemporaneously with his instrument or the dancer who excites an audience with un-choreographed movements, the fine artist who works spontaneously also relies on instinct, serendipity, opportunity and skill to develop their art.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 2nd Floor #220



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