Artist Profile

Sue Banks

Medium: Acrylic on furniture and other objects

Description:  Realism in acrylic on furniture and other objects

A short artist's statement from Sue Banks: I am a mostly self-taught artist who works in craft acrylics, usually on surfaces that do not require framing, such as furniture, household objects, slate, and stones. Craft paint allows me to use both water color techniques such as layering and washes, as well as oil painting techniques using intense color, fine lines and blending. I have been building on these skills for over 25 years. Each of my projects is always unique, and a great deal of my work is custom ordered. Anything at all can be the focus of an inspiration and client requests continually encourage me to spread my wings. I specialize in hyper-realism and have painted a wide range of subject matter from flowers, animals, rocks, vehicles, sneakers, teacups, faux surfaces and architectural themes. My work is intensely colored, detail oriented, and joyful. Working from actual objects is most effective for my trompe l’oeil designs but photos can also be guides when I am creating works to a client’s specifications. I am happy to work on a piece of furniture or household object provided by the client. I am also known for painting a little insect or critter somewhere on each piece, even if it’s just on the underside near my signature. I am proud to say that six of my paintings featuring stone are showcased in the 2016 September/August issue of Rocks and Minerals Magazine. A few years ago I won Best in Show at Manchester Community College for an interpretive sculpture of the female body. I am a member of the Women Artist’s Collective.

Tour Location: Windsor Art Center Studios, 35 Central Street, Windsor



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