Artist Profile

Katherine Tolve- Progressive Patterns

Medium: Mixed media

Description:  Highly decorative and pattern based paintings, drawings and collaged artworks

Pattern design and ornamentation have always been reoccurring themes in my artwork. They are also ingrained in our daily life, through packaging, clothing, and home décor, to the point that we often look at them without much analysis. Through my work I am interested in challenging the traditional view of high and low art by blurring the distinction between art and craft. Even in the simplest designs, the combination of arbitrary marks placed with precision help to create the unique beauty of each piece. K.Tolve obtained her BFA in painting from Hartford Art School in 2008; upon graduation she was presented the Rudolph Zallinger Painting Prize. A self-described experimental painter, she has produced work ranging from large canvases to furniture redesigned with her own fabrics. Her recent art works are a culmination of her interests in textiles, pattern design, painting, and the recycling of various materials. K. Tolve is an active member in the arts community, curates exhibitions, teaches mixed media workshops and has recently Co-founded M.I.A. (Mother’s In Art) Artist collective. Her most recent accomplishment, a solo exhibition at 100 Pearl St. Gallery in Hartford, CT, titled “ Reclaimed Rubbish” which featured artworks created over the past four years following the birth of her first child.

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