Artist Profile

Ahimsa Health & Harmony

Medium: Vegan health & wellness

Description:  A wellness center for animals, people, and the planet

Executive director Mary Lawrence has been teaching, counseling, and living the vegan lifestyle since 1997. She regained her health after experiencing decades of chronic illnesses by switching to a whole foods plant-based diet, practicing meditation and yoga, and reconnecting with her love of animals and nature. She later trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute and earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition from The Dr. T. Colin Campbell Foundation at eCornell University. Over the past 13 years as executive chef and owner of Well on Wheels, LLC, she has used her knowledge and expertise to help hundreds of people to lead healthy, happy lives or recover from a wide variety of health problems. She has worked with everyone from children to senior citizens, urban and rural populations, economically disadvantaged and physically challenged, teaching them that food can be healthy, affordable, and delicious. She offers services such as health coaching, nutrition counseling, cooking instruction, yoga, meditation, nature therapy, veganic gardening, and other holistic healing modalities.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 4th Floor #417



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