Artist Profile

Dawn Cook aka electricdawn

Medium: Drawing, painting, collage, sculpture

Description:  Drawings, paintings, mixed-media assemblages

New work recycling the by-products of our consumer-oriented society into art Artist Statement My recent work recycles the by-products of our consumer-oriented society into art. Each year, millions of tons of waste are generated with little to no regard to the depletion of resources involved and the terrible effects on the environment. I’ve felt a personal responsibility to do something with the waste that I generate, so I turn some of this into art – from styrofoam and cardboard packaging materials to pizza boxes and all sorts of plastic crap. These materials often provide the structure to which I then add my drawings, paintings, photographs, and/or additional objects. The pieces usually end up being multi-dimensional (thanks to my hot glue gun!), with several layers of imagery. Sometimes I start with an idea or issue that I want to address and then sort through my recycled and found objects to create and build the piece. Other times the recycled materials themselves provide ideas for their transformation. And I believe that art can and should be used as a tool for social and political justice. Some of my work deals with a variety of social and political issues, from poverty and homelessness to my most recent piece “A Matter of Choice” addressing the battleground for women’s reproductive rights. I also believe that the arts are extremely important and should be created and/or enjoyed by everyone. “Art must not be concentrated in dead shrines called museums. It must be spread everywhere – on the streets, in the trams, factories, workshops, and in the workers' homes.”* * Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky Affordable Art - Unique Gifts

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford 3rd Floor The Committee


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