Artist Profile

Ceramics by Elizabeth

Medium: Ceramics

Description:  Functional and sculptural ceramic works

Process and growth are the guiding principles; the constant and repetitive forces exerted by nature upon me, and are thus translated through me to my work. Growth occurs in nature when the right combination of elements and energies come together to create something new. Creating the forms, making the glazes, and firing the kiln is a repetitive process that requires thoughtful movements of the body, careful calculations of the mind, and a quiet patience. With my work in crystalline glazes, I hope to emphasize the organic beauty of the crystalline structure, while also intriguing the viewer’s imagination into the growth and birth of the crystals themselves. While my artistic focus is based in my crystalline work, the same careful thought and creative process goes into my traditional and functional pottery. Similar concerns over form and function as well as decorative finishes are all factors vital to a successful body of work. An exciting aspect to any artist is experimenting with new techniques. This approach not only led me to crystalline glazing but also the various high fire, pit fired and low fire finishes I currently use. It is my belief as an artist that I will always be a student of my craft. It is my goal to gain as much knowledge and skill as I possibly can in my lifetime, and continue to pass on that knowledge and passion to my students.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford 1st Floor


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