Artist Profile

Yanni Sembrakis

Medium: Acrylic / Canvas

Description:  Homage to Jack Goldstein 2012

"Homage to Jack Goldstein 2012" 3' x 6' Acrylic / Spray Paint ARTISTS STATEMENT In order to understand my work, an individual must be exposed to the theories of relativity by Albert Einstein. However where Einstein’s interpretations were physical and mathematical mine are philosophical and artistic. For the sake of argument I will discuss the concepts of individualism and pluralism, modernism and post-modernism. In modernism and individualism the artist sees him/her self as the center. In pluralism and post-modernism the artist sees him/her as a part of a greater whole. What I attempt to do is to merge the two concepts. For example, in my first series I paint atom trails in large fields. Atoms are small but I paint them big. Atoms are plural because they are inherent in all of us. I paint them with personal brush strokes thus they are personal. In my work “Homage to Jack Goldstein” (2012, 3’ x 6’), I use a format that entails a computerized interpretation of an image from space. The image is large but the computer interpretation is small. The content exists with form, function and design.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford Group Show Only



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