Artist Profile

Art by Sarah Bach

Medium: Ceramics and jewelry

Description:  Pottery and jewelry focusing on mixing media in unexpected ways

Everything I create has a purpose, whether that purpose is to be used or to be admired or to be laughed at. There should be nothing in this world that has no reason, and so I have made it my purpose to give reason to reasonless things. My greatest pleasure as an artist is creating contradictions. It is partially my own method of making fun of myself, and partially my way of expressing the usefulness of art. My works are designed to be admired and used. When I am planning a work, I look for things that make me happy or that make me laugh, incorporate the colors and settings that do the same, and then while working I focus on who or what I am making it for. I use as many media as I can because I appreciate the effects that can be created through mixed media.

Tour Location: The 224 EcoSpace, 224 Farmington Avenue


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