Artist Profile

E & T Design

Medium: Jewelry

Description:  Antique collectibles made into recycled sterling jewelry

Artist Statement We are all artists. Every morning we start with an empty canvas. Our attitude paints the day. Gayle Yabar I am an individual who is fortunate enough to work in her field of interest and passions. Everyone’s greatest desire in life is to have a profession that gives them satisfaction and pleasure. I was thankful enough to have this gift. My love for the arts started during my childhood years when I sewed little dresses for my dolls. I graduated from college in 1990 as a fashion engineer. In the beginning, I was teaching high school leveled children my knowledge in fashion and sewing, and in my spare time designed original dresses that models would wear in local fashion shows. My life took a quick turn when I moved from my home in Hungary to my new home in the US where I started my family. It is only recently when my interest turned toward jewelry making and silversmithing. Today, I design my own original jewelry. I love to explore different materials, shapes and styles. I am always looking to find the most unique gems and silver pieces, which happens to be at gem&jewelry shows, antique shops, and flea markets. Silver can bring out the distinctive personalities in the different gems, and the excessive healing power of gems is what attracts me to them the most. The gems are the focal points in my pieces, and they are emphasized throughout my creations. I continuously explore new motifs; they inspire me for future collections, thus making my pieces apart of only small series. My jewelry pieces are eye-catching and unique, and are searching for new owners that appreciate its style. Timea Mehesz

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford 1st Floor



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