Artist Profile

Sarah Paolucci

Medium: Oil

Description:  Large scale oil paintings of hands and pet portraits in watercolor

In this series, these oil paintings tell the story of each artist/musician/craftsperson. I am painting hands, which are creating their own narrative. I am merely giving them a platform to display their knowledge. Hands are how we interact with the world around us, and connect us to the physical and the sensory. Hands that are playing, building, digging, planting, making or creating intrigue me; the creation of one’s own loving art, made with the tools that we all possess. From musicians in the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, to potters, to hair stylists, to chefs, each story is different, and yet each is just as sincere. These paintings portray genuine artists, doing what they love. I love creating new things, and in this series, I’m creating hands. Hands that, in turn, are creating their own story, but told through my own lens, the way I know best how to tell a story: through painting.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford #103



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