Artist Profile

Amy LaBossiere

Medium: Mixed

Description:  Mixed media, recovery art, healthy treats

Amy LaBossiere is an award-winning mixed media artist, creative thinker and has a long-lived hobby of film acting. Amy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts with a specialization in public relations from Long Island University/CW Post, a Master of Arts in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute, and a certificate in holistic health coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Amy is Administrative Director of Art of Tao LaBossiere LLC, managing all projects, providing creative input, client relationships, billing and social responsibility. She is also co-director of Hartford ArtSpace Gallery and a marketing consultant with the University of Hartford Entrepreneurial Center and other clients in graphic design. Her artwork is mixed media, often themed in healing and recovery, sometimes sculptural. She also works on collaborative portrait paintings with her husband, fine artist Tao LaBossiere. Amy is known for her green smoothies at open studio, although this year she may be offering low-carb treats instead, for sale in her studio.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford #407


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