Artist Profile

Stuart Williams

Medium: Pastel on paper

Description:  Expert replications of Degas' pastels of the ballet and the bath

Stuart Williams 1923-2013. A native of Pittsburgh PA, Carnegie Tech graduate. Worked in print advertising until the 1970's. began "collecting " masterworks by skillfully drafting copies for himself. Of these he wrote: "It was my intention to make these replications masterful; to make it possible to enjoy Degas work without having to plan a trip to the Met or the Louvre to see them. These pastels are among forty that I did in France in the mid-eighties. The purpose of the work was to capture for my own collection my favorite images of this master craftsman. I believed then, as now, that from a purely aesthetic standpoint, it can make no difference when, where, or by whom a work was produced; all that matters is its quality as art."

Tour Location: The 224 EcoSpace, 224 Farmington Avenue


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