Artist Profile

Free Lunch Studios / Paul Hahn Designs

Medium: Comics and furniture

Description:  Furniture and cartoons in a fun, interactive experience!

A very interactive, fun exhibit, selfies, caricatures, comics and furniture! Artists Bio Paul Hahn has produced custom furniture since 1984. His studio was founded in Maine as Hahn Woodworking by Paul Hahn, the furniture maker and designer. Paul's philosophy is that quality, consistency and good design is the basis for creative expression in a functional medium. The company offers a full range of custom furniture, furniture grade built-ins and interiors designed by Paul himself. Matt Ryan is a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and comic book artist whose work spans from the comics industry to package design and advertising. From his production studio in Tariffville, Connecticut, along with his freelance illustration and design services, Free Lunch Studios offers courses in drawing, writing, cartooning, and creating comic strips and comic books. Matt and Paul pride themselves on creating an immersive and exciting show space. The two have exhibited together at a number of events throughout New England.

Tour Location: The 224 EcoSpace, 224 Farmington Avenue


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