Artist Profile

Nancy Doherty

Medium: Collage and mixed media on paper

Description:  Semi abstract landscapes based on travel, memory and personal vision

Artist Statement: My work is an ongoing investigative, intuitive process where I immerse myself in the landscape, the resulting charcoal and painted images capturing my feelings of being alive in the world and journaling the passage of time. Through repetition, patterning and movement I record my presence and mark my response to the season and variable conditions of each unique setting. I see the elements within the landscape as the weft and weave that is the fabric of our lives and the parallels between my earlier works as the hinges that bear my trust in the creative process. Bio: Doherty’s work has been exhibited widely in New England, including a NEW/NOW solo show at the New Britain Museum of American Art, and The Stamford Museum and Nature Center, where her work as a Weir Farm Visiting Artist was presented. Her work has been recently exhibited at a fiber show at Art Centers East in Vernon, Ct., and in a collage show at Five Points Gallery in Torrington, Ct. Doherty’s travels are solid in her practice; she has visited Greece, Italy, France, Scotland, England, along with many Western states, and Hawai’i. She holds a BFA from Hartford Art School, and currently teaches as a Core Artist Instructor at Crec Academy of Arts in Hartford, Ct., where she helps high school students realize their dreams. Current work involves painted and embroidered silhouettes on hand dyed fabric, collage, paint, and charcoal on various papers, found and created. Review by Pat Rosoff: “… Her work draws its energy, often, from her face- on encounter nature- and there is something weedy and persistent that springs from the brisk and investigative character of her experience. The thing is, Doherty is as married to abstraction as she is to observable fact. It is the tension between the active architectural framework that she builds from scratch and the bits and pieces of what she brings home from nature that is the true genesis of her “world” in painting. She is grounded, so to speak, in a fluid world, one apt to change, and her method relies on impressionism and response, on reflux, initiative and instinct.”

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford #405


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