Artist Profile

Suzanne Jolissaint, Art Therapy

Medium: Oil & acrylic, mixed media, clay

Description:  Oil and acrylic, mixed media and clay

My Personal Journey Art has always been an important part of my life. As far back as I can remember, creating was how I expressed myself. By writing drawing, and painting I conveyed through my own eyes and hands the world around me. I was very much inspired by my ever changing environment, and my own observations of the changes in myself. Finding the world quite enigmatic I retreated to my art. As an adult, I continue creating as an exploration of myself, and my connection to others and to God. There is a desire and need for me to crate art-I find clarity, renewed energy, and peace. In being an Art Therapist I am using myself as a tool in a meaningful way by assisting others on their journey through life. Art Therapy is my link to humanity.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 2nd Floor #216



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