Artist Profile

Christa Whitten

Medium: Watercolor and gouache

Description:  The release of the first children's book I've illustrated, "Reach For The Stars"

Connecting to your inner landscape through art. Christa's passion is to provide an opportunity to access and explore the intangible places we carry around inside. Her artwork is evocative of the natural world and is often compared to clouds, waves and gardens. Vivid colors and flowing textures encourage reflection and transport viewers to their own inner landscape. Christa is classically trained in several forms of art and graduated cum laude from the highly respected Paier College of Art. April 2016 saw the release of 'Reach For the Stars', a children's book authored by Kevin Fleming and illustrated with her bold, colorful style. Currently, she is creating new pieces for upcoming shows. For further information or to get in touch, please email to:

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford 1st Floor



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