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Joseph R. Gorneault Jr.

Medium: Mixed

Description:  Humble Luminosity-A new series of paintings 860-989-6649 PO Box 1013, Cromwell, CT 06416 Joseph R. Gorneault, Jr. is an artist known for his use of color, combined with imagination and fantasy. Joe actually makes his own paint from scratch which enables him to skillfully create his own custom colors. Therefore, in the end, the finished artwork is truly a personal expression. A viewer will notice the unique palette that belongs specifically to this artist. Joe’s most recent mixed media collection includes pieces that are emotionally driven by the political issues of today. The pros and the cons, of the changing world are illustrated using color and texture. A second series of work was expressively driven by the environment especially the colors that we encounter in the world and nature. His unique series of mannequins, also drawing from the colors of nature, are enhanced with a “matching” two-dimensional piece. For instance, the top and bottom of the ocean, the pink in the sky when the weather changes and the color of the sun. Joe, who is from an Italian and French background, was classically trained at both Tunxis Community College and Hartford Art School where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cum Laude. Since his teen years, he has been creating works that depict or are based on movies, music and television celebrities. It seems as his style emerges and develops, he is moving further toward abstract and away from realism with a stroke that is looser and more relaxed. He often works on several bodies of work simultaneously but alternates in such a way that once he completes a series, he’ll move on to a project of colorful, abstract works. For him, the variety is motivating and helps to refocus his creativity. Joe’s work is exhibited annually with “The Committee”, celebrating its 5th anniversary, which is a consortium of seven wildly different artists that he founded. He also shows annually at Open Studio Hartford, the largest arts collaboration in the capital city, now in its 27th year. Past exhibits include Museum After Dark at the internationally known New Britain Museum of American Art and the local Barrel Oil Drum Art Exhibition. Other shows include the Papp Gallery, New York City; Face to Face at the Stage Gallery, Merrick, New York; the International Show Period Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska and Paradise City Exposition in Hamden, Massachusetts. In addition, Joe did the body painting for the main model at the Black Sun Gothic Festival, New Haven, CT, and his photography is published in “Wondrous World” from the International Library of Photography. See more of Joe’s work at or at Working on this new series of paintings I have focused on the thoughts that run through my mind daily. The chaos, disagreements and out-of- control world that I live in today. I use the placement of texture, choices of colors, application of thick layers of paint, to express the non-controlled movements that represent my running thoughts. Within the chaos of the paints I find unity. Forming of life lines, the colors depend on one another for support to help create the whole life of the painting. The texture throughout the painting represents the difficulties the colors need to conquer so that they can unite as a whole to survive. As I finish each painting I am more relaxed and find comfort in tackling the next one. I continue forward to clear my mind of what is ever bothering me for the time: Politics, hatred and the racism of today in the world and our country.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford 3rd Floor The Committee


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