Artist Profile

John Hofmann Photography

Medium: Photography

Description:  Landscape Photography - Expressive landscapes, waterscapes and reflections

John Hofmann is a fine art photographer specializing in expressive landscapes, waterscapes and reflections. John strives to capture the essence and spirituality of the moment in every image. John is a local artist from South Windsor Connecticut. He first began teaching himself Photography in 1977. With his first camera, a Pentax K-1000, John explored black & white photography and built a darkroom in his basement. John developed his techniques traveling with his family. From the back of a pickup camper, he explored the United States and many of its National Parks awakening what would become a life long passion to explore the land around us. John is especially interested in capturing a moment that conveys a strong feeling or emotion, the power of the ocean or the serenity of the early morning. John is especially fond of reflections and uses them a lot in his work. John feels that they add a complexity in the image that invites those looking to sit and explore the image to see what else they can find. In recent years John has made the switch to digital. He prints all of his own work so that he can ensure the quality of each image. All of John's work is printed on Epson Professional papers. Johns fine art prints are printed on Epson's Signature Worthy Exhibition Fiber paper. Exhibition Fiber is a cotton-based paper that captures the ink and really helps the image to pop off the paper. John uses an Archival ink system so each print will last a lifetime.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 4th Floor #416



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