Artist Profile

Real Art Ways

Medium: Interdisciplinary

Description:  Producing and presenting innovative, diverse and ambitious art works

Visual arts at Real Art Ways exists in 4 gallery spaces, as well as various public art projects and events that come and go. Real Art Ways presents and produces innovative, artistically excellent and culturally diverse work, and welcomes and builds diverse audiences. We welcome and support emerging and established artists and build the broader creative community. Real Art Ways creates opportunities for people of all ages to discover, learn, and engage with art, ideas, and other people. Through our programming, we engage neighbors, artists, and innovators in creative community development. Photos by John Groo Middle Gallery: Kurt Steger: Scribing the Void Featuring sound installation by RSM Courtesy of ODETTA Created by tracing the contour of a boulder found in Central Park, Kurt then transferred this line, in the same orientation into the gallery, thus presenting the void. In a time of instantaneous reproduction and exchanges of information, Kurt slows it down. Delegating each inch to a rigorous attention to detail in the copying and transferring onto to wood panels, then cutting, sanding, joining, and ultimately, applying this line to musical transcription. Far Gallery: Ellen Hackl Fagan: Into The Blue Again From the artist's statement: "I build connections between color and sound using installations, interactive games, and collaborations that combine my color-and-texture saturated paintings with music and digital technologies. Each installation invites viewers a chance to explore synaesthesia for themselves. This year I became focused on the core of my creative search in my abstract work and began by creating a small series of works on paper titled “Seeking the Sound of Cobalt Blue.” This series has evolved into floor to wall installations of blue paintings on paper and on the floor that explore the nature of synaesthesia through immersive enviroments, photogramming processes, color saturation, texture, and surface."

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center, 56 Arbor Street, Real Art Ways



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