Artist Profile

Roxann Poppe Leibenhaut

Medium: Oil painting

Description:  Representational oil painter of urban and beach scenes.

Artist Statement As a representational artist I am mostly interested in my immediate world. What I can see every day. I paint to express a thought or idea through shapes, colors and movement in a scene. What I choose to paint will show a viewer what I’m interested in. What I ignore is as relevant as what I emphasize. For instance, a beach scene will contain perhaps several dozen figures as well as hundreds of pieces of equipment necessary for a day on the seashore. Blankets, umbrellas, food containers, reading material, toys. It’s not the individual items that interest me or the spectacular views, but the shapes and colors and how they relate to each other. The warm shape of an arm touching the cooler shape of a foot in the distance. The blue stripe of a towel projecting towards the cool shadow of the chair. The landscape I choose to paint will have the element of human involvement. I am not interested so much in the beauty of ‘natural landscape’ as the beauty of the ‘man-made’ objects and how they show a beauty of their own. The urban landscape becomes as compelling as a beach scene…how the shapes and colors of the streets relate to each other. The cars and taxis and trucks competing with the figures going about their busy day. A seeming mass of confusion but this landscape works…it is balanced and blurry and beautiful. My goal is to simply present a vision of the world as I see it. A world that contains all the seemingly confusing shapes and objects that show, in the end, a perfect balance and simplicity. A place I don’t mind being. In my world, man-made is not an unpleasant thing. It is simply there to see.

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society


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