Artist Profile


Medium: Watercolor

Description:  Watercolors, to confuse and raise questions about reality and life

A good artist's job is to convince people of an ideal or a concept they wish to project onto the world but the job of a great artist is to cause confusion, raise questions and effectively change perception. I wish to pursue the latter of the two. To become confused when looking at a painting will unconsciously open doors in the mind that might otherwise go unnoticed, and thankfully so. Without art that provokes free thought we unfortunately would be living in a world with no color or style. I want to live in a colorful world, I want to better the world, color it and possibly expand the minds of a few stragglers who are struggling with perception and cause just enough confusion to make a difference in their lives. My goal is to better this world through surrealism.

Tour Location: Group Show Only, ArtSpace Gallery



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