Map of Venues


2016 Open Studio Hartford Map - Self-Guided Tour

There is so much to take in during OSH's main event - Open Studio Weekend. We suggest planning your Saturday and Sunday by visiting a handful of venues each day. Free parking is available at most venues. Shuttle buses are routed around the City for your convenience and comfort. Follow the red dotted line to see the shuttle route.

Food & Drinks are available at most locations

#1  Oak Hill Art Studio 
#2 CT Historical Society
#3 Grace Lutheran Church
#4 Hartford Artisan Weaving Center
#5 Passages Gallery
#6 The Shops at 485 New Park, WH
#7 30 Arbor Street
#8 Real Art Ways 
#9 Arbor Arts Center
#10 Parkville Studios
#11 The Dirt Salon
#12 Kempczynski Gallery & Studio
#13 Colt Gateway
#14 CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts
#15 Amos Bull House
#16 Hartford Public Library
#17 First Presbyterian Church
#18 CT Convention Center
(Hartford Artisan Showcase)

#19 Pratt Street
(Hartford Prints! and Tobacco Shop)
#20 Naturally Cats & Dogs
#21 Union Station
#22 ArtSpace Hartford
#23 MD Robertson Photo Arts
#24 The 224 EcoSpace

Out of town Venues
D. Wilson - Art Pottery, 24 Burr Road, Bloomfield
The Shops at 485 New Park Avenue, West Hartford (#6)
Windsor Art Center Studios, 35 Central Street

Artist and Venue Registration Map of Open Studio Hartford Sponsor, Donate, & Volunteer

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