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Sehrish Khan

Medium: Painting / Drawing

Description:  Oil paintings based on figurative art

Sehrish Khan

Medium: Painting / Drawing

Description:  Oil paintings based on figurative art

Cold Icy Stares
$650 (negotiable)

Whirling Dervish


Bare Hands and Gentle Thoughts

*Cold Icy Stares: To the women who have don't shy away from looking the difficulties of life eye to eye. These are the women who have the power of changing perspectives; their eyes control the movements of emotions that surround them. These are the women who behold a cold icy stare. Dimensions: 36”x36" $650 (negotiable)
*Whirling Dervish: Something about these colors, one merged with another, resembles the dance of Sufism. On feelings submerged into another with such smoothness that it’s hard to distinguish them apart. That’s how life is, it’s hard to distinguish pain from happiness. They are a part of one shell. It’s hard to separate peace from chaos, anger from love, envy from true happiness and content from dissatisfaction. All these emotions merge into one canvas called “life”. 13”x17” $400
*Tryptich: For an artist, inspiration is rooted in everything. Starting from something within your heart to something so obvious as a sky. The first thing that struck me when I landed in America, was the sky. I loved how it looked at sunrise and sunset. It’s heavy clouds made me want to capture every inch of it. And here it is, an image of what the sky looks to my eye. Of how everything around it is consumed by its beauty. Tryptich. One piece: 18”x24” $500
*Bare Hands and Gentle Thoughts: She is a protector, a mother, a wife, but above all, she is a woman who falls in love with her work everyday. Her bare hands and calloused fingers pay the price of not giving up. She is a woman of timelessness, never stopping to breathe and working constantly. 36”x30” $450

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A former resident from the city of rich art and culture Lahore Pakistan. Currently creating art in the land of diversity America.

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