City-Wide Open Studio Hartford returned in May 2023, the first Springtime OSH in decades! And recently, in November 2023, presented the first Holiday Season OSH since 2019. For information and registration, feel free to follow the news on Facebook, browse the website for past information or see our Online Gallery

Questions can be directed to the Executive Director, Cynthia Bulaong, at

Artists in Real Time (ART) is the non-profit organization that produces Open Studio Hartford and other events and opportunities for artists to promote, show and sell their artwork. We are currently working on a website specific to ART.


MISSIONArtists in Real Time, Inc. (ART), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is designed to enhance the public awareness of artists - primarily in the greater Hartford area - through events, programs, and partnerships with other artists, individuals, and private and public organizations.

HISTORY of our past few years:
An expansion was in the works for several years and in 2018 it became reality. For two years we successfully presented TWO Open Studio Weekends in the month of November. The City was loosely split geographically into southern and northern sections with each opening on a different weekend. The exciting move resulted in visitors having more time to view the art and to visit multiple artists and locations on one or both weekends - two entirely different weekends! In addition, the artists had the opportunity to visit other artists' work on the alternate weekend or to participate in both weekends.

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In 2020, with the restrictions and guidelines set due to the COVID-19 pandemic, OSH was cancelled like so many other festivals, expos and large gatherings. One of the most important aspects of OSH is the opportunity for the artists to show their work in a face-to-face environment and for the public to have the opportunity to buy artwork "right off the easel". Instead, the Online Gallery was created to continue the tradition and visitors were able to browse over 100 artists at their leisure. The new virtual presence will continue into the future.

HISTORY THROUGH 2019: Open Studio Hartford (OSH) is a free, city-wide event, now a month-long. The November events include a popular Art Reception that takes place either as a Kick-Off or as an After Party, a Group Show, a Performance Art Weekend and, the main events, Open Studio Weekends. Art studios, galleries, educational institutions, art-related businesses and other creative group locations open to the public. It is a collaboration designed to promote the local arts community, the artists themselves and their work and to bring people into the neighborhoods of our capital city for an enjoyable, educational and inspiring event.

OSH has become an event that the artists and the public anticipate and it has grown in the past five years to over 400 artists that specialize in painting, sculpture, murals, jewelry, pottery, fiber arts, graphic design, digital art, video, interactive installations, etc., any and all genres, ages and skill levels. Musicians, dancers, poets and other artists perform as well.

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Abstract Arts Award in memory of Patricia Rosoff 

In 2014 we lost Board member, Patricia Rosoff, in a vehicular crash on her way to Kingswood Oxford School – the first day back after Spring Break. Pat was a beloved teacher, art critic, author and artist who described her work as “free-wheeling color abstraction”. Read more ...

To make a donation to the Patricia Rosoff Abstract Art Award, click here

Buying Art!

We encourage our audience to support local, original art. If you have never purchased an original, you will find that the experience of buying art “right off the easel” in a face to face environment is as much of an experience itself as is owning the art piece and enjoying it in your home or business or giving it as a gift. Personal relationships can be developed and the public gains a grasp of our local talent, the artists and their work. OSH is proud to represent a vast variety of artwork. There is "something for everyone" including art collectors perhaps seeking the "undiscovered", those that simply enjoy art, gift seekers and families that wish to expose their children to the experience that only art provides.

In addition, OSH cultivates interest in arts events year round and is a way to see art, experience art and share art, a way to generate a passion for art. People are personally impacted by OSH best said in testimonials of repeat visitors who note the wonderful sense of community, the camaraderie and encouragement to visit numerous locations. It is a fun and safe way to visit various neighborhoods of Hartford, perhaps have a meal in the city and discover that they are part of a larger community of people who appreciate art. Visitors find artists to be inspiring by both their enthusiasm to talk about their art and their warm welcome.

A City-Wide Collaboration of the Arts

In the past several years, we’ve seen a surge of activity and attention surrounding the city-wide collaboration. The historic Union Station, the Colt Building (Colt Gateway) after a decade of renovations and other new locations open including Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Connecticut Historical Society and Oak Hill Art Studios. We are proud of the reinvigorated venues on Arbor Street which now features dozens of artists and working art studios. Thousands of people are aware of multiple venues and buses helped shuttle people from location to location easing parking. The newest venue in 2023 is Parkville Market where artists show in individual stalls on the balcony level. 

For the Artists

OSH can be like a “club”. It offers assistance for new artists to learn to show and promote their work on a regular basis. To interact with viewers or to step back and see a viewer's reaction to their creations. Many areas throughout the United States have some form of Open Studios and it is alive and thriving in Hartford! Artists are eager to show and other organizations to be involved giving the public a wonderful opportunity to learn what exists in our community and to appreciate the talent. 

Coordinator & Executive Director of Artists in Real Time, Inc.

An experienced planner, Cynthia Bulaong, organizes and markets OSH. She was the volunteer coordinator for several years in the 90’s and returned in 2011. Cynthia has a broad background in the arts, the culinary field and has produced hundreds of private and fundraising events, big and small, extravagent and humble. Cynthia has been named the first Executive Director of Artists in Real Time, Inc. She is a Hartford Commissioner on Cultural Affairs and is the Ex-Officio Trustee on the Board of the Wadsworth Atheneum appointed by Mayor Luke Bronin.

Cynthia has expanded the opportunities of Artists in Real Time beyond Open Studio Hartford by collaborating with other local events and organizations to offer artists more exposure and sales opportunities. Projects have included Hartford Paint the City (murals), Art in the Park Manchester, Aetna Headquarters Gallery, The Home Shows, Hartford Athletic poster projects and many others. Feel free to contact her at

Art Event Participation Map of Open Studio Hartford Sponsor, Donate, & Volunteer

Click here to see the 25th Anniversary Video Retrospective produced by CT Public Broadcasting!

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