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EKPHRASIS: Poetry, Music & Dance Inspired by Visual Art (Click here for Ekphrasis details)
Choices of artwork and pairings are listed at the top of the gallery. Click images for more choices.

2023 EK - Adis
PAIRED with poet, Amy LaBossiere, for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Amy Hufnagel
PAIRED with poet, Chris Funkhouser, for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Amy LaBossiere
PAIRED with Nadia Sims, poet, for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Antony E Zito
PAIRED with Bill Katz, composer & musician, for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Cathy O'Keefe
PAIRED with Andy Jarcho on the Alto Sax

2023 EK - Christine Chaise Greenwood
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis - Paintings

2023 EK - Elle Smith Fagan
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Gary A. Jacobs
PAIRED with Amy Smith, poet, for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Kimberly Caruso Poley
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Lorna Morris Cyr
PAIRED with Ernest Brute & Object Echo for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Mijumi
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Patricia Caratasios
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Reefs View Photography
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Robert R Faucher
PAIRED with KLJ for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Robin Blayer-Bulaong
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Sally Stamos
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Shin Wakabayashi
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - Tao LaBossiere
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

2023 EK - ZeroSnake
AVAILABLE for Ekphrasis

Alan Kendzior Photography
Fine Art Landscape and Wildlife Photography

Alexander Califournia
Oil & Acrylic Figure and Portrait Paintings

All That Sparkles
Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry

Angela Ann Kasper
Landscapes, still life and portraits, inspired by life in rural New England

Angela Shenk
Lively watercolors that celebrate the ordinary life of the everyday hero

Art by Chris Brown
Unique, original oil on canvas with vibrant colors

Vibrant fluid strokes of acrylic paint and soft pastels

Impressionist landscapes full of color and emotion

Barbara Hocker
Work on/of paper filled with the beauty and serenity of nature

Bill Katz
52 stories in the form of satires, spoofs and scathing commentaries

C. Dianne Zweig, Artist
Bold, colorful abstract collages and paintings

Carlene Buchanan (JA-Can Tour)
The expressive embodiment of no rules

Carol E. Bower Photo-Graphics
Framed, miniature fine art photos & desk calendars; Cape Cod, birds & wildlife

Cathy Chong Art
Visionary Paintings in Acrylic

Ceil Rossi
Gourd Art Sculptures

Ceramic Shenanigans
Unique and quirky pottery, one of a kind and full of character

Chet Kempczynski
Still life, landscape and portraits of things I know, admire and enjoy

Chris Figat
Modern impressionist paintings focused on the human subject

Christine Chaise Greenwood Art
Modern art, Large scale abstract paintings & metal mesh sculptures

Work inspired by Basquiat, collage and Picasso cubism

Dana Herbert, Interior Design
Interior design, decorative wall finishes, painted furniture, color consultation

Dana LaMontagne
Dark abstract expression

david elliott
International photographs, prints, crafts and holiday ornaments

Denise Balcanoff
Vibrant colored paintings inspired by nature

Diane Cadrain
Felted and fiber creations, landscapes, silk scarves and upcycled aprons

Dinal Patel
Vibrantly colored abstract expressionism with a variety of brush strokes

Don Bonner
Paintings influenced by impressionists and realists

Doug Hockman Photography
Nature and abstract photography on reclaimed and barn wood panels

Oil and acrylic paintings with vibrant colors

Elle Fagan Art
Prizewinning water media images and writings

Evelyn Pelati
Artfully hand-carved silver and gold jewelry with linear details

Federico Balducci
Impressionist soundscapes inspired by Hollis Frampton 'States' & 'Noctiluca'

Frances R. Drew - Artist/Painter
Vibrantly colored paintings & constructed pieces

Francie Fillatti
Oil paintings and assemblage

Freestone Forge
Classic, nature inspired metal and wood sculptures and goods

Gary Jacobs
Formal Abstractions that Glow with Light

Gay Schempp
Encaustic, narrative paintings & sketches, mugs & self-published journal

Gig Lavery
Clay Sculptures

Grace Epstein Painting & Ceramics
Hand painted & Illustrated Ceramics and Still Life Paintings and Drawings

Greg Aimé
Celebration of woman of color in various mediums

Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti
Abstract art, texture intricate lines, energized vibrant colors defining space

Haiti's Back Porch
Handcrafted metal art, sculptures, jewelry from recycled materials

Hartford Art School
Contemporary art in all media

Hartford Artisans Weaving Center
Enriching lives through hand-weaving

Hartford Prints!
Gift shop focusing on Connecticut and Hartford products

Hesselgrave Studio
Atmospheric landscapes and dreamlike figurative paintings

Holly Spencer Photography
Portrait photographer specializing in families and newborns

Abstract expressionism

Janet Leombruni
Expressive realism

Jeff Holcombe
Fine art photography and videos specializing in dance

Jeffrey Hutton
Landscapes, abstracts and portraits, both realistic and impressionistic

JF Roche
Photography of everyday life as I see it. "Life's Simple Beauty"

Joan Brault Paintings
Representational original artwork in oil, pastel and watercolor

Joan Pollak - Animal Art
One-of-a-kind whimsical animals crafted from locally sourced driftwood

John Kempczynski
Still life and landscape paintings with a major focus on color and design

John Tyner
Artwork created with various "tools" to layer & reveal with no fixed destination

Joseph R. Gorneault Jr.
Abstract textured paint with meaning!

Photography, Videography, Paintings, and a Book called Evolve

Kayla Farrell
Oil and acrylics on canvas

Kelly Taylor Art
Abstract land & sea scapes using various materials to create a visual journey

Kimberley Scoble
Waterscapes and landscapes, still life paintings and pet portraits in oil

Kimberly Heil
Bold, expressive abstracts, whimsical animals, children's books, art books

Lafalce-Freshler Fine Art
Traditional oil landscapes, still-life and subjects of New England and Florida

Lanny Nagler
A combination of fine art photography and Wallscapes

Linda Boisvert DeStefanis
Waterscapes & More, Contemporary realism in oils

Lisa Joslyn
As a newly retired person, I’m exploring my creative possibilities

LMNT Jewelry
Classic, edgy geometric jewelry with sterling silver & Nugold brass

Lori Barker
Colorful mixed media work blending nature and spirituality and oracle cards

Lori Racicot
Vivid representational & abstract paintings created with layers of paint

Lorna Morris Cyr
Oil on Canvas, a statement on COVID - 19 art form

Marcy LaBella
Contemporary Painting

Marika Hahn
Watercolors inspired by a Farmer's Market's fruits, veggies and flowers

Mary B Wolff Metalfiber
Silk and metal as art to wear in the form of clothing and jewelry

Mateo Velasquez Lopez
Traditional Guatemalan woven textiles with contemporary American flair

Matt Ryan, Free Lunch Studios
Illustrator specializing in the creation, education and publication of comic art

MD Robertson Photo Arts
Expressions in Sounds & Motion, Meditations on Nature

MelRose Denim
Denim fabric reworked art, musical inspirational pictures on denim jackets

Meredith Arcari Luciano
Artwork that integrates the environment and geography

Michael Bibow-Finucane
Realistic New England landscapes in oil

Michele Dorothy
Expressions of Women

Mixed Media

Nancy Delahaye Art
Colorful Abstract Landscapes in acrylics and mixed media

Nancy Doherty
Interpretation of the natural world through intuition and memory

Naomi Nevo Ben Ari
Original oil paintings rooted in fleeting moments of color

Neil LeFebvre
Pop art / retro Americana and more

New England Ballet Theatre
A new professional Ballet Company

Nigel Wynter Art
Finding beauty in subject matter that the casual observer might overlook

Normand Charlette
Digital photography of land and seascapes

Pamela Vitale Art
Bright color combined with dark textured motion and abstract energy

Artisan Crafted Silver Jewelry & Accessories

Paws That Draw, Rescue Dog
Creative, interpretive, abstract art in vibrant colors done by RESCUE dogs!

Peter Greenwood
Custom design working with blown glass, metals and wood

Philip D. Thomas Art
Hand-built Ceramic figures and Raku fired artifacts

Philitha Stemplys-Cowdrey
Lithuanian Folk Art and handicrafts with a concentration on straw art

Renée Hughes
Contemporary Abstract Monotype Prints and Paintings

Robert Faucher
Art that moves you

Robert Fort
Birds, travel and happy oils of adventures

Robert Zott
A 50-page book of photographs of tombstones

Sacred Space Malas
Reiki Charged Semi-Precious Stone Malas, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings

Sally Stamos
Colorful Expressions from a Vivid Imagination

Sandy Welch Art
Vibrantly colored abstract paintings and fun impressionistic images

Sarah Rose Aromajewelry
Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces from miniature glass bottles

Sehrish Khan
Oil paintings based on figurative art

Spirited Touch Designs by Marilyn Holt
Resin & wood, casted or hand-turned to produce tools, jewelry & home decor

Studio Mari
Fine art portraiture focusing on generating emotional responses

Suzan Scott, 438 West Studio
Contemporary abstracted landscape & nature inspired paintings & drawings

Suzanne Levy Art
Bold, abstract artworks derived from nature and natural forms

Sylvia Sarzynska
Contemporary and Abstract Art

Tanger Studio
Lifelike pet portraits and realistic landscapes in a variety of media

TEN-ton goldfish designs
Explorations in line & form as well as playful explosions of color

Terese Maineri de Valesquez
Eclectic designs inspired by international travel and Peace Corps service

The Beekeeper's Basket
Bee-related gifts such as soaps, balms, jewelry, beeswax ornaments, gift sets

Third Eye Studios LLC
Thought provoking art with emotions inspired by spiritual experiences

Thomas McCabe
Fun paintings inspired by years of working as a cook/chef in restaurants

Trae Brooks
Paintings and sculptures about family and identity

Bright and colorful abstractions

V. Bruno -
Demulsified film from a disposable camera

Whimsy and Enchantment Art
Mixed media art inspired by nature, magic and reflection of the soul

Young Quelen
Vibrantly colored abstract paintings and musical artist

Zamcar (Carlene & Zamia Buchanan)
Handcrafted jewelry by mother-daughter team

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