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2023S Robin Blayer-Bulaong

Medium: Photography / Printmaking


2023S Robin Blayer-Bulaong

Medium: Photography / Printmaking


Looking Glass

11 x 14"

Art Show, Oil

Snow Flight, Oil

I am a mixed media Artist. The images above represent my Nature Photography. Please check back to see more of my paintings and sculpture.

Sand Castle (Ceramic) Family (Alabaster) Dwelling (Ceramic)

My first love is Ceramic sculpture, closely followed by oil painting and mixed media collage. My work is abstract representational, narrative, and figurative or derived from nature. I have been producing art for many years. I also have taught Art and Ceramics to students that range in age from 2-90 years old. I currently teach Art classes at Federation Homes in Bloomfield. My most recent photographs that I will be displaying are compositions from nature. they are of things that often get passed by unnoticed. By focusing in on a small gem that I have found, I can manipulate the composition by framing it with my lens, to amplify and change the perception of what we see. All of my photos appear to have elements of abstraction within a landscape. Taking pictures allows me to share and preserve my beautiful discoveries.

Black Ice, Photo / Oil Just go Ahead, Cause I'm already Dead


"New Day" 16x20" $175 "Over the Hill" 11x14" $150


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