The Home Show 2023 CTCC

Artists in Real Time (ART) artists are invited to participate in
44rh Annual FALL HOME SHOW - November 4 & 5, 2023

This is a special offer meant primarly for dedicated participants of ART events including
Open Studio Hartford, Art in the Park Manchester and others.

Email questions to: Cynthia Bulaong,

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 Artists have been embraced as a special part of The Home Shows at the CT Convention Center, Mohegan Sun and the XL Center. The shows features home improvement, gardening, spas, patios, garden supplies and many other fun vendors. 


LOCATION: Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT 06106
          CLICK HERE for directions to Loading Dock and Free Parking
SHOW HOURS: Saturday 10am - 6pm / Sunday 10am – 5pm (Exhibitor access at 8am both days)
MOVE IN:        Friday arrival 2-5pm (closing at 6pm) (No children under 14) (Be in touch for earlier arrival)
                        Saturday morning set-up – 1 hour prior to show
MOVE OUT: Sunday, 5 – 9pm (All materials must be removed Sunday night but not earlier than 5pm)
            The Fire Marshal officially closes the show. No dismantling or removal allowed before Sunday, 5pm
BOOTH COST: ZERO (By way of a Jenks and ART grant and partnership)
MOVE-IN INSTRUCTIONS: (NO move-in allowed through main entrance)
  • At the Loading Dock – ask attendant or pull in an empty slot (notify me pre-event if you need to pull in)
  • Enter through the big garage door
  • Ask for Cynthia at Check In (State you are an “artist with Cynthia” so you’re not sent to wrong place)
  • Bring your own cart or dollies. Do not ask to use CTCC’s or I will be charged
PARKING: Move vehicle promptly. On-site parking available at a discount. See me for a sticker (Cost TBD - approx $11 per day)
Free street parking or 5-minute walk to Colt lot off Sequassen. (I will send map to registrants) 

BOOTHS: 10x10’ space with 8’ back and 3’ high side drapes (you can request a double space from me)
You are responsible for display, panels, racks etc. If you are not equipped, consider borrowing or ideas at Home Depot. There are many options, grids, lattice, etc. that you can zip tie so they stand on their own. Pop up 10x10 frames / canopies are allowed. LIVE PAINTING is permitted. Bring cards, give-aways, signage etc.
RENTALS: You may bring your own tables, chairs and other display items. Aisles are carpeted but not booths.
$20 for 6-ft table / $5 per chairs (deep discount!) (Pay Cynthia directly by cash, Venmo or Zelle) (8 ft tables and coverings TBD)
            ELECTRICITY: Drops are $90 (battery operated lights allowed). The hall is brightly lit. WIFI: $25/day (TBD)
EXHIBITOR BADGES: Up to 3 badges for booth staff (see me). VIP Guest Vouchers will be emailed to you.
SALES & COMMISSION: You are responsible for sales transactions. Ask me about securing a CT Tax #. I will work with you individually regarding a small commission in the area of 10 - 15 %.
            SALE of your artwork, prints, greeting cards, custom commissions and related items are encouraged
SECURITY: There is live security. No one is allowed in after closing. You may want to bring coverings for your work and secure smaller work overnight. Three-day insurance is available at

 CONCESSIONS: Technically there is no eating at your booth. There is food onsite and seating.
WISH I DIDN’T HAVE TO SAY IT:  We are non-paying guests so thanks for being a representative of ART
and displaying total respect for Jenks, Demers, CTCC, etc. Put on a good show and turn to me with issues!
While speaking to attendees, you are part of ART, producers of Open Studio Hartford, Art in the Park and supporting local artists by offering opportunities to show their work to a variety of audiences.

ARTISTS IN REAL TIME: The non-profit umbrella will handle all the contracts and insurance
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Art Event Participation Map of Open Studio Hartford Sponsor, Donate, & Volunteer

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