Parkville Market Venue 2023

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1400 Park Street in the
Parkville neighborhood of Hartford
Parkville Market

In the May 2023 Edition of Open Studio Hartford, Parkville Market joined the list of venues. The popular gathering place and food court, again, features multi-media artists and crafters on the balcony level.

We appreciate the support from the Market's owner, management and staff! Make this your last stop and stay for fabulous food and drink!

Click on the Artists that participated in the Holiday Edition OSH November 2023 to visit ARTIST PROFILES:

Antoinette Cullen, Pottery created using hand-building method and single-fire glazing

Arlene Torres, Vibrant abstract art that is spirit led and energetically charged with love

Caricatures by Shin, Live Caricatures drawn in pencil and marker

Carlene Buchanan / JA-CanTour, The expressive embodiment of no rules

Chris Brown, Colorful vibrant original oil paintings on canvas

Chris Figat, Modern impressionist paintings focused on the human subject

Cliff Janssen, Turned & carved wood, bowls, plates, rolling pins, cheese & cutting boards

Eric Urquhart, Whimsical detailed fantasy drawings

djmeccaVivid Paintings depicting nature bringing peace and joy

Gawa (Michael Co), Moss terrariums designed with rocks stacks / cairns and glow in the dark themes

Help Fight Human Trafficking, Handmade greeting cards giving 100% to combat human trafficking

Josh Vieira, Oil paintings of fantasy and sci fi genre, made in a representational style

Mijumi, I've been called a Basquiat copy cat and am fine with that

Nigel Wynter Art, Sports-themed Art, Portraits, Still Life and Landscapes in a realistic style

Paws that Draw, Interpretive art created by rescue dogs

@PurpleDragonArtwork, Pop Art from the 80s to now, using UV Paints! Buy some FUN!

Reefs Views, Live on-the-spot portraits and photos of nature in CT and community

Ryan Doray, Mainly abstract expression on large scale with various colors and some texture

Sandra Baker, Abstract collages made with cut or torn painted paper

Sarah Rose AromajewelryEssential oil diffuser necklaces with wire wrapped miniature glass bottles

The BQE, Photography that focuses on architecture, abandoned places, and graffiti

Tyrone Motley, Original graphic novels & animation

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