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The City-Wide Open Studio Hartford returned in 2023 with an event in the Spring
and the return of the Holiday Season Edition in November!

For information and registration, follow the news on Facebook, browse the website to see our Online Gallery

Registration for November's OSH events will open soon

OPEN STUDIO WEEKEND - Saturday & Sunday, November 16 & 17, 11am-5pm
An in-person event at venues such as ArtSpace, 56 Arbor and Parkville Market
Artists without a studio or from out of town accepted and provided a space 

GROUP SHOW in the ArtSpace Gallery
 No extra charge for OS or AITP participants or you can register for Group Show Only 
EKPHRASIS: Poetry, Music & Dance Inspired by Visual Art

REGISTER is closed at this time

Registration is open for:
THE HOME & GARDEN SHOW at Mohegan Sun - February TBD - CLICK for INFO
Also see information and registration for the CT Cannabis Expo - February TBD

Contact Cynthia at

ART IN THE PARK 2024 - The first Sunday in June 2nd / CLICK HERE for Information

Questions can be directed to the Executive Director, Cynthia Bulaong, at


INTRODUCTION: For the past 30 years, OSH has been an expansive, city-wide event providing a great place for artists to show their work to thousands of visitors in a face-to-face environment, sell artwork or custom services, nurture dedicated followers and develop new relationships. In recent years, 400 artists have participated annually in dozens of venues bringing thousands of visitors to Hartford's neighborhoods. Artists In Real Time, Inc. (ART), producers of OSH, support and promote the arts, the individual artists and their work, while inspiring community creativity.

- 2020 Creation of the Online Gallery: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, OSH 2020 featured a brand-new Online Gallery and individual Artist Profiles with images, prices, other information, links and videos. We hope to continue to offer opportunities for sales and visibility at a reasonable rate without in-person studio visits, setting up a space as a visiting artist or manning the event for an entire weekend. This year we will add more artists to the gallery! By-appointment visits to your studio are optional.

- Plans are to increase promotions of the gallery and encourage sales: New features on the website and marketing are focused on increasing community awareness and audience numbers by giving visitors the freedom to access artists and artwork by browsing our Online Gallery and discovering new artists at their convenience.

- Artist Profile Pages: Your profile is custom designed to suit you. For those that do not have their own website, it can act as your own mini-website. We will work closely with each artist to create a page that includes your information, images, links and videos.

We look forward to your participation!
To jump to Online Registration Form, CLICK HERE
- PARTICIPANTS OSH accepts art of all media, genre and skill levels. Individuals artists and crafters, educational institutions, arts organizations and art-related businesses are all welcome to participate. Performing artists and organizations - Dance, Music, Film, Poetry & Performance Art etc - are also welcome. 

- DATES & DEADLINES - Instead of an in-person weekend-long event, this year, we will continue adding to our Online Gallery. The complete gallery and individual profiles will remain open until the next live Open Studio Hartford is planned. No deadlines apply; your registration will be processed upon receipt. 

- ONLINE GALLERY - Artists are represented in an attractive Online Gallery featuring one artwork of your choosing, along with your Publication Name and either medium, price range, or cost of the shown artwork which clicks to the Artist Profile Page.

- ARTIST PROFILE PAGES - Individual artist pages have many new features. Along with name, medium and description of your work, your 4 images will have captions that include title, dimensions and price. You can include ALL your contact information as you wish. The Artist Statement/Bio field will accept "unlimited" copy, information, additional artwork, links to your pre-existing online content AND VIDEO files and links.

- PREVIOUS ARTIST PROFILE PAGES – You do not need to re-register if you are already in the Online Gallery. If you have participated years prior to 2020, you can request a ink to your previous Artist Profile to use as a guide. For more information, contact Cynthia Bulaong at 

- VIDEOS - Artist can provide video interviews, studio tours and live demonstrations by including files or links with your registration or adding them throughout the promotional period. OSH will try to assist those that may not have the means or expertise to produce their own video. Videos will appear on Artist Profile Pages and be used for online promotions.

-SALES - Attention will be called to sales immediately upon visitor engagement on the Home Page and Online Gallery. Currently, each artist will manage their own sales. Assistance is available by Artists in Real Time,Inc.
- FEES -  $25 covers the inclusion in the Online Gallery or the Group Show Only. Full participation is $60 for artists and $75 for vendors. Each category includes the production of a Profile page. If you cannot afford your fee, ART may be able to help. Sponsorships, artist sponsorships and tax deductible donations are accepted. No deadlines apply. Payments can be made by clicking here.

- OPENING YOUR STUDIO or VENUE (OPTIONAL) - One-on-One visits can be scheduled by appointment. OSH offers assistance as needed. CDC guidelines should be followed including the use of face masks and social distancing. 

- REGISTRATION – Online form will be available on February 1, 2024. Once your form is received, OSH will be in touch to instruct you of your next steps and to see and proofread your profile page. Additional images, copy, links and videos will be accepted. If you need a hard copy form, contact

- PAYMENT OPTIONS - (See Fees above) To pay online, Click Here Or mail check to Artists in Real Time (ART), c/o Cynthia Bulaong, 140 Huyshope Avenue #624, Hartford, CT 06106

Sales: OSH does not take a percentage for sales handled directly by the artist. Email if you need assistance. You may sell prints, other artistic projects and commission customized work for the future. Technically, to sell goods in CT, a Tax # is required by law but this is the responsibility of the vendor. OSH does not currently require artists and vendors to supply this information. Register for a MyConnect accoutn and follow instructions (one-time fee applies) 
Accepting Payments: We suggest that you equip yourself to accept card payments. Among others, you can use Paypal ( or Square ( Both have swipers that connect into smart phones. Both take a percentage of the total sale and have a smartphone app to download. You can use your data over your phone plan for sales or connect via wifi. Swipers are free or can be purchased retail. Other online options are available that do not incur fees such as Venmo and Zelle.
Committees & Volunteers:  Consider lending your help and expertise (or that of your contacts, friends or family) in all areas including marketing, administration, distribution of printed materials and fundraising. 
DonationsOSH is produced by Artists in Real Time, Inc. (ART), a non-profit organization, running on a small budget. Please think of us if you have access to goods or services that would be helpful in our general operations, supplies, copy and print capabilities, etc.
Sponsors: Sponsorships are an important part of the OSH budget and this year is no different. Funds are needed for the event to operate optimally online and to promote OSH effectively. Please work with us if you have contacts for corporate, individual or in-kind sponsors. Formal and personalized solicitation kits are available.
Insurance and Liability: ART, Cynthia Bulaong and her staff, assume no responsibility for the value of artwork or incidents. The artist is responsible for their own insurance against theft or damage at any time. Read below:
Individual Artist Insurance: Artists can purchase low-cost, short-term insurance policies at companies such as Artists in Real Time, Inc., Hartford, CT can be added as Additionally Insured.
Sponsored Artists: If you cannot afford your application fee, ART may be able to help. 
Contact Cynthia Bulaong at
To make a payment, Click Here
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