56 Arbor Street Venue 2023

56 Arbor Street studios are open to the public only during special events. Use the links below to contact artists for Appointment-Only visits.

Plenty of parking in the lots and on the street
Enter at the REAL ART WAYS sign (as shown)

56 Arbor Street, formerly known as Arbor Arts Center, is what Open Studio Hartford is all about! Most studios are private all year round until the annual OSH, when doors are open for the public to come see the artistic process and buy artwork right off the easel! Works in progress and finished pieces can be seen. 

Park on either side of the buiding. Do not use RAW entrance.

Barbara Hocker

VISIT the ARTIST PROFILES of the STUDIOS that opened for the Holiday Edition OSH in November 2023:

Alyssa Haley-Born&Bred, Suite #316, One of a kind keepsakes, preserved florals, organic matter, home decor

ATOM Space, Suite #220, Exhibition: David Borawski - Targets

Barbara Hocker, Suite #301, Artworks filled with the serenity of nature

Bonnie Aparicio, Suite #317, Watercolor and Acrylic Paintings

Christine Chaise Greenwood, Suite #409, Mixed media abstract expressionist paintings & sculptures

Kathi Packer Studio, Suite #314, Oil paintings of African habitat and more

Lauren Be Dear, Suite #101A, Installation Art featuring video projections, spoken word poetry & sculpture

Sophia DeJesus-Sabella, Suite #325C, Functional and sculptural works incorporating handwoven cloth

The Jumping Frog Bookstore, Suite #107, Used, rare & out-of-print books in twenty categories

Unapproachable A/VPhysical entertainment media, music micro-genres and genre film

While close by, Visit PARKVILLE MARKET, a 2-minute drive at 1400 Park Street.

ON SUNDAY, after visiting 56, walk next door to 30 Arbor and shop at Hartford Flavor's "Crafted". 

Bonnie Aparcio Christine Chaise Greenwood
Kathi Packer Born&Bred
Unapproachable A/V The Jumping Frog Bookstore
David Borawski Sophia DeJesus-Sabella

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