Colt Gateway - Venue 2019


was open Weekend #1 in 2019

On the Colt Campus:
34 Sequassen Street on the corner of Huyshope Avenue

COLT GATEWAY hosted nearly 100 artists and group shows!

For information on any of these artists or groups, email

CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts:

Multimedia FREE hands-on workshops for ALL Ages

Hartford Art School, University of Hartford: 
Works and installations of over 30 emerging student artists

Bottles of Hope WorkshopA little bottle, a bit of clay, a gift of hope

Listed Alphabetically by first name. If you'd like to know more about each artist, use the Search feature at the top of the page

A.D. Bloom, Cryptographic drawings and engravings with both hidden animals and titles

Alan Kendzior, Landscape, Nature, Wildlife as well a little streak of abstract photography

Allison Flores, Handmade functional ceramics that make every day special

Amini Soaps, Hand crafted natural soaps, scrubs and body products

Angela Thomas, Urban boho sheek designs

Antony Zito, 3 large multi-panel paintings for a solo exhibition in New York on 11/22/19

Art by Eddie S (Eddie Sipes), Abstract paintings using epoxy resin

Art by Lucy Shuki, Mixed Media - Where the impression of nature, motion, and hue meet...

Bolga Baskets, Ancient craft of hand woven baskets from grass

Carlene Buchanan, Unique and original abstract and digital art, expressive embodiment of no rules

Carol E. Bower Photo-Graphics, Framed, miniature fine art photos of birds, wildlife and Cape Cod

Cas, Hand painted images on relics and/or junk

Cetacean Society International, "Rails to Whales" Steam Train Photography by Ken Roberts

Chocolate Thunder, A bubbling music artist writing from the soul mainly generating fun hype good vibes and diverse sounds

Chris Figat, Modern impressionism paintings with a focus on the human subject

Christopher Brown, One of a kind oil paintings representing vibrant color and thick texture

Christopher Gallagher, I explore the boundary between that which is manifested in that which is not yet

Christy Corey, Colorful watercolor and acrylic paintings of food, landscapes, plants and more

Cliffside Crafts, Wood Turning Carving

Colleen Malley, Photography of various subjects including flowers, butterflies and the ocean

Courtney Silvia, Portraiture painting in oil and acrylic

CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Multimedia FREE hands-on workshops for ALL Ages!!!

Cynthia Haze, Mixed media artwork that is bright, colorful and a little crazy

Denise Balcanoff, A collection of joyful, vibrant paintings and creations inspired by nature

Donna Anderson, Mixed media art objects

Doug Hockman Photography, Fine art nature and abstract photography

EAMARTWORK, Opaque bright oil colors on a variety of different surfaces and sizes

Eco-Printing, Images of leaves imprinted on silk through a steaming process

Emilie Cohen Jewelry, Futuristic, medieval silver and gold jewelry

Eric Urquhart, Fantasy worlds and landscapes

ERP Studio & Artsy Meg, Handmade pottery and eclectic jewelry made by two college students!

Forbidden Forest Art, A variety of handmade pottery with both dark and nature inspired designs

Freestone Forge, Metal and wood sculptures, home decor and furniture inspired by nature

Fresly Studio, Eye-catching, beautiful and inspiring photography

Frozen Leaf Photos, Landscapes, seascapes, sunrise and sunset photography CT, ME, and Southern FL

Gay Schempp, Encaustic (pigmented bee's wax), and mixed media on birch panels

Genti Bushi, Abstract modern art, shapes and emotions

Grace Epstein, Functional, illustrated pottery and oil paintings

Grassillini Creations, Quality handmade leather items including belts, wallets, bags, cuffs, purses

Hartford Art School, Painting, illustration, graphic design, drawing, sculpture, ceramics

Jasmine Jones / Aislin Magazine, Black and White Street Photography, Portraits and Art Magazines

Jess Franks, Landscape and floral paintings that dance the line between real and abstract

John Hofmann Photography, Landscapes, Coastal Scenes and Refelections

Josh Menko, Fantasy stipple art with a focus on texture

KAATU Khonda African Arts, Handmade Afrocentric bags and jewelry

Kaelan Czajka, Mid to large scale neo-expressionist multi-media paintings

Kelly Taylor, Abstract interpretations of land and sea using a variety of mixed media

Kelly Triolo, Paintings

Kurt Suydam, Photography: "scapes'" (Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes)

Larry Freibauer, Abstract, stream of consciousness, whatever is in my brain at the time

Linda Joyce Ouellette Photographic Art, Original photography art prints, cards, pet portraits, hand painted ornaments

Margaret Gammell and Mary Talbot, Figurative and abstract art in ink, acrylic, oil and watercolor

Marydees Alley By Mary Dombrowski, Manipulations of ink in vivid colors to express color in our world

Michael Bibow-Finucane, Oil paintings influenced by the Hudson River School

Michelle Hawran, Colorful acrylic pet/human portraits and hand embroidered patches/bags

mijumi, Mixed media and my genre is life

Mobiles by Brad Robinson, Dynamic mobile sculptures that float in space

Molly Shaughnessy Encarnacion, Mixed media work that contains ideas of both Chaos and Control.

Nataliya Sazonova, Mixed media collage paintings and watercolors

Natasha D. Miles, Experience the unforeseen, embrace the present.

newagehoodrats, Street Art/Graffiti/Tattoo art/Psychadelic

Nigel Wynter Art, Still Life, Landscapes and sports related art in a realistic style

Oyster Collective, Hand crafted jewelry

Paws That Draw, Rescue Dog, Interpretive art based on color and form

Pieces of Our World-Wanda Brown Claitty, Multimedia art on wood pallets, canvas, original gift cards and wearable art

Renée Hughes, Color,overprinting shapes,textures and layers dictate the direction of the print

Reo, Graffiti mixed with relic found assemblage art

Resilience, Screen-printed clothing with positive mantas to support mental health community

Royal Angel Creations, Bohemian wire wrapped crystal jewelry in copper or sterling silver

Sandra Baker, Collages designed with torn or cut painted paper and abstract paintings

Sarah Rohlfing Studio, An exploration of color and expression

Sarah Rose Aromajewelry, Wire-wrapped essential oil diffuser pendants made from miniature glass bottles

Shin Wakabayashi, Plein air scenes, portraits of Buddhist Temple warriors done in gouache and paper sculpture

Stephanie Leaphart, Handcrafted art jewelry inspired by the Global Diaspora

Sue Fenton, Vivid images of many genres rendered artistically as well as works of photo art

TaggART, Portraits of people made with string and nails

T-Diva Designs, Handmade Semi-Precious & Trendy Jewelry, Crochet, Greeting Cards & Fabric Pieces

Tenom, Bright and colorful and a little twisted mixed media

Terese Maineri de Velasquez, Eclectic designs inspired by International travel and Peace Corps service

The Beekeeper's Basket, Handmade bee-related soaps, balms, wraps, bracelets and skincare

The Blue Hydrangea, Paintings that are an emotional response to time and place

Third Eye Studios, Collage, abstract, mixed media, furniture, photography and more

Timothy Alexander, Abstract paintings in oil or acrylic representing a reciprocate of the minds eye

TotiArt, Mixed media collage using watercolor, pastels and acrylic, vintage imagery

Veterans Therapy Through Art, A variety of art forms used as therapy for veterans

Yashika, Nature abstractions co-relating with life

ZeroSnake, Illustrator recognizable by his stylized characters & animated work


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