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Neil LeFebvre

Medium: Mixed Media, Painting / Drawing

Description:  Pop art / retro Americana and more

Neil LeFebvre

Medium: Mixed Media, Painting / Drawing

Description:  Pop art / retro Americana and more

Tek - No- Krazy
30x30" Oil on canvas

We all wear masks
24x24" Oil on canvas

Genuine LP record clocks
Inquire on offerings
$50 each

Dubble Bubble
4.5x10" Hand silk screened on canvas gum sculptures
$75 each Inquire on selections

As featured in the November 29 Hartford Courant (Click here)
I’m Neil LeFebvre ... I paint mostly on canvas in oils but also work in silkscreen and acrylic. My art often depicts consumer culture and mass production in our daily lives ... very much like the Pop Artists of the 1960s who I admire the most, especially Andy Warhol. I'm nostalgic for old town Main Streets too ... the motels, the old brick store fronts .... the people, the feel, and the retro Americana that disappears a little more everyday.


Genuine 33rpm LP Record Bowls
$20 each Inquire on offerings
Sea Ray Motel 30x40”
oil on canvas $875.00
Swansons Turkey TV Dinner
Oil on canvas dyptic 36x48” $875.00

Own some pop art today ! So much fun for home or office !

Marilyn silkscreen and glitter
11x14" on canvas board $125

Green glitter Marilyn on canvas
10 x14”on canvas board $150

Star Trek, Oil on canvas
24x28" $375
40 Lane Bowl, Oil on
canvas 18x24" $475
Self Service Drive In Liquors,
Oil on canvas 24x28" $500
USA Motel, Oil on canvas
24x36 $900

Contact the artist by email at or by telephone 860-205-4995
for sales, pick up/delivery/shipping and to view many other available paintings

Visit my eBay site at “Neilzoid” (If something interests you, please contact me - Do not purchase from Ebay)

Cha Cha Cha, Oil on canvas $875 Western, Oil on canvas 24x36"  $895 Jiffy Pop, Oil on canvas 24" round $750


  Lollipop Motel Oil on
canvas 30x40" $995
Lollipop Motel, Oil on Canvas
30x40" $250
Rum Boogie Cafe, Oil on
canvas 20x30" $895


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