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2023S Francie Fillatti

Medium: Oil paintings & assemblage

Description:  Oil paintings/assemblage - Paired with Bill Katz for EK

2023S Francie Fillatti

Medium: Oil paintings & assemblage

Description:  Oil paintings/assemblage - Paired with Bill Katz for EK

Peace Native
20x30" Oil on Canvas

Bewixt and Between, Abiquiu, New Mexico
Comes with metal title plate and video poetry slam
Oil on Canvas 24x30" Natural wood Frame $550

New Pasture, Anton Chico New Mexico
24x30" Oil on canvas
Artist framed, Natural light wood Slats $350

Fuel for the Fire (Tio's Land)
24x30" Oil on canvas
Rustic orange slat frame by artist $950

Francie Fillatti, a native of the Hartford area and a self taught painter, Francie’s work is inspired by her many years in New Mexico. It was not an accident that she was drawn to New Mexico. She always felt a profound connection to the Native American culture. The landscapes of the surrounding Santa Fe area speak to her deeply. Her paintings are infused with the spirit and culture of New Mexico. She is intrigued by the story, the place and the circumstance of her subject matter. Her paintings ask the viewer to imagine what the subjects and places in her paintings past and story may have been. Expressing the staying power of that which won’t stay hidden. Worn hard by life, her subjects once vibrant and new, now display only the simple beauty of what remains. Francie’s painting's are informed by her many years as a photographer. While she became an artist in her youth, she did not begin to paint with oils until she arrived in New Mexico. Painting En Plein Air at that time, she relished in the opportunity to create without rules or instruction. The results are authentic and full of raw emotion.

Tio and his Bus $1600
Break Through $700

Joe (El Tio) Manzanarez was Georgia O'keefe's Driver and assistant for 12 years
He had so many great stories to tell about his time spent 
with her. He gave me one of his cassette tapes he made, where he talks about his experiences with Georgia during that time. I still have it! He asked me to get it reproduced on a digital form CD for him, but the permission note he gave me was lost in one of my moves. If it ever re-surfaces I will get it done. Tio's dogs names who are in the blue truck in the painting were named Flaco and Chapita.He also had Nina and Missisippi when I was around there. Tio was also called the rock man in Abiquiu because he built stone walls around homes in and around northern New Mexico.

 "Abiquiu Life" (to the right): This is a painting of Fred and one of his horses and  For a short while Fred  was staying on Tio Manzanarez's land with a small herd of his horses in Abiquiu New Mexico. I used to go and ride sometimes.
24x30" Oil on Canvas $1,200






Final Destination,
Aton Chico New Mexico
24x30" Oil on Canvas,
Oak Slat Framed
by Artist $350

"Brave Heart" Oil on canvas
11x14" Rustic orange slat
frame by artist $125

Chief Joseph
 Assemblage, Iron, wood, oil on 5"
round panel $125
Medicine Man with Tomato
Oil on canvas 18x14
Rustic wood frame by artist $125
Eroding Adobe in Abiquiu Pasture
30x24" oil on canvas $650
Magi Fox Spirit 30x20"
Rustic wood frame, orange
by artist $300
Ogala Souix 8x10" oil on canvas framed upcycled by artist $350 Miracle the White
Buffalo Returns

I started "Divinely Prepared", a baked fish series at the beginning of covid and like everything else in "Covid time" things came slow, if at all. My paintings have come in between long bouts of emotional shut downs and anxious stand stills. Yet they came in their own way and in their own time. 
Reverent Ritual 16"x24"
oil on Birch canvas $450
Che Bella Gracia 16"x24"
oil on Birch Canvas $400

So, with all of the good the bad or the ugly I finished four paintings so far. I hesitate to put them up before I am finished but I am doing it regardless. Unlike my "Tomatoes" that were so light and full of hope, the "Divinely Prepared” series comes with much emotional trepidation. I have found a new acceptance of my finite reality which helps. 

Lemons 6x24" Oil on Birch Canvas $400 Lenten Sacrifice 16x24" oil on birch canvas $450

I believe my last twenty years prepared me more than most people for the Covid challenges. None of the isolation, fear, the lack of funds or the emotional traumas were new to me. The cold hard pandemic truth that remains is that time has been ticking and the clock has run out, the curtain is closing and every minute counts. A fragile time that needs to be used carefully. I wonder, is it the end? or is it a new beginning. Time will tell, I guess.

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