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Dinal Patel

Medium: Acrylic painting on canvas

Description:  Vibrantly colored abstract expressionism with a variety of brush strokes

Dinal Patel

Medium: Acrylic painting on canvas

Description:  Vibrantly colored abstract expressionism with a variety of brush strokes

Soul on Fire II
10x8x.5" $300

Soul on Fire III
10x8x.5" $150

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Soul on Fire V, 10x8x.5" $200 Soul on Fire IV, 10x8x.5" $100




Soul on Fire I, 10x8x.5" $300

Dinal Patel (b. 1969, Mumbai, India) is an American Abstract Artist who lives and works in the scenic state of Connecticut, USA. He has travelled a lot in his life and is motivated by a deep inner need to express energy and spontaneity. For him, "unintentional'' in an artistic way. His paintings are full of Abstract, Powerful, Gestural, textures, movements, calligraphical bursts, lines, color compositions integrated with organic and engineered shapes. Each of his artworks are truly unique.

He believes, abstract painting challenges the artist even more, because it’s an act of creation on the artist's own terms, in his case, his inner soul is too demanding. His abstract paintings explore power from a mix of raw emotions, freedom, vibrant colors, rich textures and layers of energetic brushstrokes. He loves to pass through the processes of metamorphosis. Some of his works represents the intersection of painting, calligraphy and mix of organic to Engineering shapes. He frequently teaches painting workshops to kids and enjoying with them a lot...!

Mahabharat War B.C. 5000 time
10x8x.5" (NOT FOR SALE)
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Dinal describes his early life growing up in a small town in India as his first education in the arts. He earned certifications in elementary and intermediate level drawing exam conducted in the state of Gujarat, India. He earned his Bachelor degree in Engineering from Gujarat University, India. Dinal has studied Abstract Art under the guidance from Poland born, American abstract painter Zbigniew Grzyb (Pollock Krasner Grant winner, 2008). He got his art education at Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT, USA in 2011. He participated in the local Art group show called OSH (Open Studio Hartford) in Hartford, CT in 2014 and preparing for 2021.

He has experienced life across three continents. Particularly, in North America, there are some of the great places he spent his time: Lithonia and Lavonia in GA, Naperville, Alsip and Lake forest in IL, Maryland, MD, Houston, TX, Charlotte, NC, San Diego, Morgan Hill, San Jose and Berkeley in CA, Van wert and Columbus in OH, Florence, KY, Denver, CO, Las Vegas, NV, Auburndale, FL, Boston, MA, Warminster and Hazleton in PA, East Windsor, NJ. Also, in Belleville, Scarborough and Hamilton, ON in Canada.

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